Bobsla Electric Powered Track Snow Sled

Oh, so you think powering down a snow slope by the power of gravity not even the slightest thrill? Well, then you should start seeking out ski resorts that has the Bobsla Electric Powered Track Snow Sled.

Bobsla Electric Powered Track Snow Sled

From the not official name made up by us, you already know what it is. Bobsla is essentially a powered sled and very obviously, powered sled is not new. This one, however, has track and you know our feeling for all-thing with track. If you don’t know. We think they are freaking awesome.

With Bobsla, there’s need no slope to sled it out. Hell, you can even go up slope which clearly is a no go for non-powered sled. Not only that, it is totally comfortable in pulling off donuts and drifts. I guess you could say that Bobsla is what happens if snowmobile and a go-kart had a child.

Bobsla promised fast and yet safe speed of 20 miles an hour (32 km/h) and while it will not break the land speed record, it makes up with acceleration. It may not look as fast in the video, but it sure looks a blast anyways.

Unfortunately, it does appear to be something individual can buy. According to Dude, the Austrian company is pitching Bobsla to businesses, specifically, resorts. So, if you want the Bobsla experience, you need to dig around for ski resorts that are offering this thrill. Meanwhile, if you want, you can pick up more information on Bobsla website, or hit up the action video below.

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Images: Bobsla.

Source: Dude.