There are some areas which Danish toy maker, LEGO, never ever touch. Areas like, you know, realistic military-related LEGO models, for example. That said, I didn’t think a LEGO set based on a maximum security prison will be any different because of its accurate depiction of the dark side of the society.

Will LEGO think that a child is ready for such burden of life? Probably not. But here we are, a LEGO Ideas submission based exactly on a maximum security prison. Created by LEGO Ideas member GabKremo, this custom LEGO Maximum Security Prison Set is an accurate depiction of a, well, maximum security prison.

Custom LEGO Maximum Security Prison Set

It features a bunch of details in a 2-floor setup built on a 32×32 base panel. Included are an open space for prisoners to stretch out and do activities like play basketball, lift some weights, or just do their gang thing. Just kidding. I made up the last one, but hey, that’s how it play out in real life, isn’t it?

Other details include a kitchen, a canteen, a medical care room, a watch tower, a phone booth for calling their loved ones (or mob boss?), and individual spartan prison cells with a bed, toilet, and a small sink with running water. There’s even an armory where prison guards stow their firearms.

Finally, what’s a maximum security prison with the requisite prison bus to play out transfer of inmates? Love the concept, but I highly doubt it will be the set elect even if it makes the 10,000 supports it needed to qualify for a review. In any case, we can all hope. Then again, it is not like LEGO never had a prison set, albeit the said set was very much lacking realism.

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Notwithstanding my skepticism, I kind of like the idea, but I do have issue with the brick wall style watch tower and the roofing there that looks too much like a resort. Anywho… since GabKremo is already at it, I thought it will be nice there’s a below ground feature with dug tunnels to play out image escape.

Images: LEGO Ideas (GabKremo).

Source: Technabob.

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