DIY 1986 Ping Video Doorbell MisterM

If modern day video doorbell’s minimal sleek look does not float your boat, well, then you may want to check out this DIY video doorbell by Instructables member, MisterM. Quite evidently, MisterM is not fond of the minimal, sleek aesthetic of video doorbells that are available in the market and prefer the retro aesthetic of the olden days intercom unit. The solution to getting what he desire was obviously to build one himself and the PiNG Video Doorbell was the result.

The PiNG Video Doorbell is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B+ board (see what he did there?), along with a Microsoft LifeCam 3000HD for video and audio input duties and a Pimoroni pHAT BEAT for audio output which works with the webcam to enable two-way communication between you and the person at the door. A 1986 intercom unit and an old Sony cassette tape deck were repurposed and modified to house the electronics.

DIY 1986 Ping Video Doorbell MisterM

For communication, MisterM leverages on Google Duo to allow answering the door and two-way communication from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. Finally, a standard wireless doorbell and chime combo was added to unit to in-the-house alert as a form of fail safe should the high-tech video doorbell fails to announce the arrival of a visitor.

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PiNG Video Doorbell is a cool project to embark on if you are after a one-of-a-kind video doorbell, but really, it does required certain level of technical skills and software know-how for anyone to pull it off. Continue reading to find a video with in-depth details on the build.

Images: Instructables (MisterM).

Source: Hackaday.