If you aren’t a major fan of Apple products, you are probably not aware that Apple-branded credit card is going to be a thing. Well known mobile leaker Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) has just shared on Twitter, images of the consumer packaging of the new Apple credit card (simply called Apple Card). According to Geskin, some Apple staff are getting the card already.

Ben was sent the images, but he had to photoshop his name over the laser-etched name of the staff to protect his/her identity. The card is made of titanium and it is very minimalistic as far as information goes. It is white with the front sporting the card holder name alongside Apple’s logo and a microchip. Around the back is the MasterCard logo, as well as a magnetic strip implemented in a rather unconventional fashion (its right to the edge).

Ben Geskin Shared Images of Apple Card

Card number, expiration date and CVV (Card Verification Value; if it have it…) are not shown because, all those will be on your iPhone’s Wallet app once the card is paired. I know it does sound a little silly to even have a physical to begin with. With Apple Pay in your phone, there is really no need for a physical card – especially when it is from a company that’s already into mobile payment. Like, seriously, it doesn’t need it. Just send the details encrypted and be done with.

Ben Geskin Shared Images of Apple Card

In case you are still clueless, yes, Apple Card is a legit credit card from Apple. It is created in partnership with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard and like many credit cards, it has its own loyalty program as well. Really, a physical card is unnecessary unless you are a fanboy who absolutely need to show off you have a pretty credit card (but it is just a freaking card!).

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Just kidding. That’s not the real reason. Apple just want to make sure you are covered in case any establishment does not accept Apple Pay. Anywho… the packaging comes with an equally minimalist instruction that says “Wake iPhone and hold here,” which is a similar process for pairing with AirPods. Apple Card is expected to launch this Summer.

Images: Twitter (@BenGeskin).

Source: Twitter (@BenGeskin)/MacRumors.

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