I don’t see any merit in sleeping with cockroach cushion. Granted, it may help to ward off any potential intruder while you are in la la land, but an imposing, realistic print gorilla like the Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow will do the same too, less the, you know, creepiness.

Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow

Coming from Japanese brand You+More!, Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow features the shape and print of Shabani (シャバーニ). Shabani is a Western lowland gorilla that currently residing at the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan, that made a name for itself by tightrope walking.

So, it is not just any primate. It is the primate famous among Japanese.

Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow is presented with an outstretched left arm for you to rest your head on and a folded up right arm that forms a nook that can serve as a placeholder for your smartphone, or maybe some bananas if you are so incline in treating your inanimate friend to his favorite food.

Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow

Save for the lack of fur, Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow looks strikingly like the real deal – when seen in pictures, that is. At 18 inches tall and nearly 3 feet wide, the Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow may not life-size, it is as imposing nevertheless. We only wish the back has prints too.

As you may have already expected, the Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow is yet another Japan-only awesomeness. However, if you reside in Japan or have family/friends living there, you/they can acquire it from Japanese website Felissimo for 6,300 yen (or around US$59).

Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow

Images: Instagram (@youmoremore).

Source: Technabob.

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