Cockroach is not even remotely close to being adorable. In fact, it is one insect that is being frown upon by nearly all humans, but that does not stop one store in Thailand from selling plush toys of giant roaches that even has a rather endearing name, ‘Peter the Cockroach’, to boot. If the looks didn’t get you, perhaps the name will? Maybe? As you can see, Peter is very, very realistic. I’d say it is photo-realistic – short of being hyperrealistic – and it is anatomically correct too, complete with the requisite antenna (feelers?), spiky legs, wings and the works.

This is some kind of creepy-weird romance that I don’t understand:
Peter the Cockroach Plush Toy

Man, it look so real in photos that you’d be forgiven to think there is a cockroach apocalypse (think Meet the Applegates). No, seriously, just look at that thing. It is so freaking real and huge. Luckily, it just looked like one nasty roach; it does not feel like one when touched. Beneath the realistic representation, it is just a regular plush, cuddly (maybe?) ‘doll’. Well, that’s if you can get over cuddling with a giant pest. We love how the seller describes this weird and wonderful plush toy:

“Peter the Cockroach has long been known since the dinosaur era.
With beautiful mustache and shell. Peter is the most lovely doll in the current.
Good to give to your beloved friend. To be the best gift in life to them.”

Best gift ONLY if your recipient is not freaked out by cockroaches like my ex-coworker did (and probably still do). If you down for giant roaches on your couch, your bed, or basically, your home, then the good news is, it is totally buyable.

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Peter the Cockroach Plush Toy

You can find this bizarre plush toy (or pillow, as some feel more comfortable calling it) at this Firebox and ThinkGeek-equivalent online store called Mheemeekhong. It retails for 890 Thai baht (approximately US$27), but at the time of this writing, we see that it is on discount at 555 Thai baht, which works out to be around US$17, based on the current going rate.

Peter the Cockroach Plush Toy

Peter the Cockroach Plush Toy

Peter the Cockroach Plush Toy

Images: Mheemeekhong.

Source: Lost At E Minor.

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