There is a joke about how not wearing glasses when sleeping will not allow those with myopia to see their dreams clearly. Obviously, there’s no truth to that. In any case, nobody in the right mind will have their glasses on when they hit the sack because, it is very uncomfortable and also, it runs the risk of damaging the glasses. However, there are exceptions. Like, for examples, you have the not-so-good habit of laying on your side when using the phone, tablet or watching TV. In those instances, glasses is a hindrance, but not if you are resting on The LaySee Pillow.

TheLaySeePillow Pillows For Those Who Wear Glasses

Billed as the world’s first pillow designed with your glasses in mind, The LaySee Pillow features two “ridges” of sort that, when you rest your head on it with glasses on, the void between between the “ridges” (or as I would call it, the “valley”) provide an empty space that will not push against your glasses. TheLaySeePillow said that while it has an open channel, the pillow is still able to provide better head and neck support over standard couch pillows. It is made of 100 percent natural latex core that provides support without sacrificing on breath-ability and at the same time, it’s antimicrobial.

TheLaySeePillow Pillows For Those Who Wear Glasses

Rounding up the package is a Tencel Cover that offers smooth, supple surface, while staying cooler than linen, and also ensuring hygiene by being removable and washable. Apparently, The LaySee Pillow was a hit and what the company have in stock had already sold out, but fret not, my glasses-wearing, couch-loving friends, you can secure yourself a unit by pre-ordering a unit at a discounted price of $80 (eventual retail price is tipped to be $99).

TheLaySeePillow Pillows For Those Who Wear Glasses

TheLaySeePillow Pillows For Those Who Wear Glasses

Images: TheLaySeePillow.

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