Outrageous car mods are not new, but what one man did could easily snag the weirdest car mod ever. The Indonesian in question is a 71-year-old mechanic from Bandung, Indonesia, who, strangely, had this dream of owning a car that has no boot. Or to be more precise, Roni Gunawan had the dream of owning a car that has two front ends. Like, you know, two hoods, two engines, two windshields and all the works that made up the front end of a regular car. And mind you, it is not just any car stitched with another front end, but one that can be driven whichever end he decided to hop in.

Indonesia’s ‘Conjoined’ ‘Two-faced Car by Roni Gunawan
Looks pretty normal from up above.

Imagine driving into deep into a valley only to find out that it is a dead end. With any other car, this kind of situation calls for the painful process of carefully reversing out, but Gunawan’s conjoined sedan, he just has to hop into the opposite end and drive it straight out. I am not quite sure why the car, which was an abomination formed from front halves of two orange Toyota Vios, is called ‘two-faced’. It really should be called, “two fronts.”

Indonesia’s ‘Conjoined’ ‘Two-faced Car by Roni Gunawan
The brainchild behind is abomination. Strange dream he had there, isn’t it?

Anywho, Gunawan did not go out to create this oddball all by himself. With him were three welders, three painters, plus “several mechanics,” according to a report by CNA. As you can see in the video after the break, this abomination is living, breathing car that can be driven – on both ends. Unfortunately, Gunawan’s creation, was given birth in the wrong place, at the wrong time because, not surprisingly, the authorities weren’t amused when he was spotted commandeering this perpetually reversing car between Pasteur to Sukajadi.

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Indonesia’s ‘Conjoined’ ‘Two-faced Car by Roni Gunawan
Two headed car bound to turn heads – including those of the traffic police.

The ride was deemed to have flouted several Indonesian traffic rules, include the question of road-worthiness and safety as both ends being the front, it was lacking of reverse light. Obviously, it is a clear danger to other road users despite it being a ‘fun’ modification. Moreover, this one car actually has two license plates with two different vehicle registration numbers.

Needless to say, the car was impounded. Now, we applaud Gunawan’s car fetish of creating and driving a wacky car(s) (and his technical know-how to make things happened), but paying for the licenses of two cars while in actual fact only driving one is not the most economical move, now does it? However, the silver lining here is, the local authorities have since return the two-headed car to Rodi, but only after he submitted a declaration, promising he will not take ‘two-faced’ onto the roads ever.

Indonesia’s ‘Conjoined’ ‘Two-faced Car by Roni Gunawan
The man’s happy to realize his ‘dream’.
Indonesia’s ‘Conjoined’ ‘Two-faced Car by Roni Gunawan
Two-faced seen here doing his stuff at a private ground.

Additional images: detikoto.

Images and source via Channel NewsAsia.

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