What you see before you is The Revival Birdcage. BMW Motorrad has commissioned Austin-based Revival Cycles to built a one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle built around the prototype of a complete new type of BMW boxer engine, destined to go into series production motorcycle for the Cruiser Segment in 2020. It is the second commissioned custom bike to do so, following the “Departed” from Japanese motorcycle customizer, Custom Works Zon.

BMW The Revival Birdcage Custom Motorcycle

The result is a retro design that drew its inspiration from the machines championship racer Ernst Hennes set records with back in the 20s and 30s. But do you care about where it drew inspiration when it looks this good? Probably not. For a self-professed geek/petrolhead who love everything with wheels (and also flies) and care about the outside as much as the inner workings, it is heavenly to be able to see the engine and the drivetrain from almost any angle.

There is nothing quite like being able to see the push rods running in chrome-plated protection ducts (which incidentally, echos the BMW Motorrad boxer engines built in the 60s) and all, in all their glory. Really. And I have the super cool, Revival Cycles-developed “see-through” lattice titanium frame to thank. The goal was to showcase the engine which there’s no arguing Revival Cycles have achieved that. Yes, it may be retro inspired, but boy, is this thing absolutely industrial too. Just look at the cooling fins running on those boxer unit. Aren’t they a beauty?

BMW The Revival Birdcage Custom Motorcycle

In addition, almost every single component on the bike like handlebars, footrests, shift lever, seat and the unique carbon suspension were all individually crafted by the US customizer. The Revival Birdcage is not the last of it. BMW Motorrad planned to develop a concept bike itself featuring the engine sometime in the first-half year of 2019. But somehow, I think it would be hard to beat The Revival Birdcage as far as “freeing” the new Boxer engine is concerned.

BMW The Revival Birdcage Custom Motorcycle

And here’s the Departed by Custom Works Zon:

BMW DEPARTED by Custom Works Zon
BMW DEPARTED by Custom Works Zon

All images courtesy of BMW Motorrad.

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