BMW C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter

BMW C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter
BMW C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter | US$tba |

when it comes to motorcycle, the only thing that comes between you and the tarmac is, well, nothing and that’s probably explains why parents get pretty worked up when you broke the news to them that apart from Cindy across the street, your other love is a two-wheeler. however, getting a scooter might ease their worries a little, except that a BMW C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter is going to kick the dust instead of a tame Vespa. trust us, most parents won’t know the difference. powered by a 60 horsepower, 657cc engine mated to a CVT transmission, this unassuming touring scooter sports premium features like stainless steel exhaust, a hybrid tubular steel and die-cast aluminum frame, front and rear disc brakes, advanced instrument cluster with integrated LCD and analog speedometer, a large seat and high handlebars, an electrically-adjustable windscreen, twin headlights with an LED rear light, side stand integrated with parking brake, generous storage volume and central locking. yes. you heard that right. central locking in a scooter. basically, it has everything that makes you want to take on the road with a scooter again.

BMW Motorcycles via Uncrate

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