Bicycles with big, fat tires are all the rage now and to be honest, I will never understand how the extra fat will help in the ride experience both on and off-road. I mean, logically speaking, the wider the contact surface, the harder you will have to pedal, ain’t it? However, notwithstanding my own skepticism, I do somehow find bikes with fat tires oddly attractive. So, just imagine my excitement when I saw this custom bicycle that rolls on actual car tires. Created by Instructables member Mr-Mash, Car Wheel Bicycle, as it is called, was a result of trying to pick up the art of welding.

Car Wheel Bicycle How-to by Mr-Mash

It started with the desire to practice welding when Mr-Mash’s friend suggested why not he get on with it starting with a bike? That back story was, of course, injected with a dose of silliness and as they said, the rest is pretty much history. Anyways, as you may have imagined, quite a lot of custom work was required to put this Car Wheel Bicycle together, including fabricating a pair of ridiculously wide forks accommodate the god-knows-what-width tires (205, probably? I don’t know), plus stuff like custom steel tubing, custom sprocket setup, removing the original wheel center and replacing it with custom spokes, and what not, to result in a bicycle with the most mental tires.

Car Wheel Bicycle How-to by Mr-Mash

While it looks insanely awesome, the amount of contact surface should no doubt make this a not-so-easy to pedal bicycle, but then again, who cares when it looks this crazy? Nobody, or at least, I won’t care. Actually, if you really think about it… if the Dark Knight had a bicycle (which he wouldn’t, of course), it will probably look very much like this. Maybe with addition of few boxes for gadgets like grappling hook and launcher and stuff. Anywho, keep going to catch Bruce Wayne, wait no, I mean Mr-Mash had a go with the “Batcycle.”

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Images: Mr-Mash.

Instructables via Technabob

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