Ken Block Ford Mustang Hoonifox Concept

Remember Ken Block’s Hoonicorn? Well, what you see here could be its successor, the Hoonifox. What makes this new Hoonigan ride so special is, it was penned by Ash Thorp, the designer of the new Batmobile – the one Robert Pattinson will be rolling to fight crimes in the new Batman movie.

Ken Block Ford Mustang Hoonifox Concept

Hoonifox, as the name implies, was inspired by the Fox-body Ford Mustang that was built between 1978 and 1993. If you are Ford Mustang enthusiast, you probably already see the lines in the Hoonifox.

Unfortunately, details of what drives it is not available yet. This is, after all, a concept that is not known if it will be built.

However, if you are interested in the story behind this awesome design, you can watch the world premier of the Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonifox Concept in the video embedded below.

After that, you may want check out both Block’s and Thorp’s Instagram page for more renders of other colorways, including an original Miami Vice inspired Lamborghini Coutach white variety as well as a stealthy version.

Images: Hoonigan/Instagram (@kblock43).