I might be biased here with this post. I have always had a thing 90s Ford Escort RS Cosworth. While the 1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth is not an Escort, the spirits are the same. So, it is equal love for me.

This particular example, the 1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, will be going under the hammer in sale organized by Bonhams on May 30.

1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Auction

It is expected to fetch £55,000-£75,000. The condition is highly rated by Bonhams, plus this ride has 55,365 on the odo. The thing is, this car is too young to be classic and too old to be near new, but hey, it is the legend nonetheless.

Love the sleek lines, the big rectangular headlights, and massive rear wing. It was sports focused car with a driver-centric interior as denoted by the center console angling towards the driver. If you know anything about cars, that is an indicative of a performance car.

No specs were given, but if nothing has been done to it, the 2L Ford Cosworth DOHC 16V Turbo engine should yield 201 HP and 204 lb-ft (276 Nm) of torque. Take a couple of percentage off for age, it should be quite a beast by today’s standards.

The engine is mated to a 5-speed transmission to achieve a 0-100 km/h (0-62) sprint in 6.3 seconds or thereabout and a top speed of 149 mph (240 km/h). Like I have said. This ain’t no classic, but to find one in such condition is fairly rare. If you are interested, you can learn out more on Bonhams.

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Images: Bonhams.

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