First of all, I have no idea why a German car is decorated with Italian definitive symbol of cuisine, spaghetti, and presented in an auction by BMW France. Quite a mix, don’t you think? Anyways, the car you see here is the BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” as touched by artist Maurizio Cattelan, the same artist behind the solid 18-karat toilet bowl. For some reasons unknown to our non-artistic minds, Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, collectively called TOILETPAPER (!?), have decided to use the duo’s signature style spaghetti close-up imagery to decorated a BMW i3 and the result is, to us, both quirky and strangely alluring.

BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” by Maurizio Cattelan Sold

I mean, a BMW splattered with a bunch of Italian pasta is not something you don’t see everyday. Seriously, how is it qualify as an art is beyond me. Hey, don’t blame me. After all, I am not an artist and therefore, what I see is just, you know, spaghetti with an undisclosed sauce plastered on a car. Boy, this is sure to turn heads! For the uninitiated (including myself just a few minutes ago), TOILETPAPER is a bi-annual picture-based publication co-created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, and since the i3’s artwork was a joint creation under TOILETPAPER, hence it has the branding slapped on the sides of the car.

The BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” by Maurizio Cattelan was presented by BMW France at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s Fourth Annual Saint-Tropez Gala where it was successfully auctioned off for a cool €100,000 (around US$117,400) to a Swiss collector. Don’t ask me why. Maybe that’s what rich person do and besides, it is for a good cause, right? Wait. What is the good cause again? I never get all these foundations, ever.

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BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” by Maurizio Cattelan Sold

Image: BMW Group.

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