So prolific businessman and politician Donald Drumpf thinks his gold-plated throne rocks? Well, he better think again ‘cause New York’s Guggenheim Museum is set to get its own golden throne too, except that this throne is of solid gold. Now, who cares about plating when it can be made out of rock solid gold, right? Before you jump on Guggenheim Museum for such preposterous indulgence, you have to know that it is actually an art sculpture created by retired satirical artist Mauricio Cattelan. Mauricio is coming out of his retirement ‘cause he find it excruciating not to work and this golden sculpture will certainly help to make his un-retirement known for sure.

Ok, maybe creating a toilet sculpture in solid gold is the wildest thing, but here’s the thing that makes this upcoming art piece stands out: you as a visitor can actually take a dump on it (or piss, if that is your nature’s call at that point in time), or you could simply lock yourself in and admire the ultimate opulence in the history of toilet. Then again, I think you should probably at least sit on it even if you don’t have the urges, so that for once, your underrated butt finally gets its deserving royalty treatment. And don’t worry. You won’t be taking a dump in the gallery and neither will you be in full view of other visitors as answer to the nature’s call (phew!).

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Instead, it will be installed off one of the ramps in the museum, inside a room with proper restroom setup including tiles, mirror, lockable door and of course, functioning plumbing. The restroom will be no different from other restrooms, except that it will have a solid gold toilet and there will be security or attendant on guard to ensure orders when queuing for the restroom, and also to make sure no one takes off with a piece of the toilet. No word if the toilet will be secured with any form of high-tech security system to ensure it will be snagged after hours though. The sculpture, entitled “Maurizio Cattelan: America”, will be installed in May.

Why do we have a feeling that from May onwards, there will be a lot of selfies of people taking a dump or a piss on the 18K solid gold throne circulating on the Internet? Not sure if photography is allow, btw, but do not think that will be much of an issue *wink*.

Image: Maurizio Cattelan via Luxury Launches.

via Luxury Launches

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