Lets talk keycaps. If you think the food keycaps are anything but practical, well, you have seen nothing here. Folks, this is the HolyOOPS 3D Titanium Thor Mjolnir Keycap and as you can see, there is a reason why it is an ESC key.

Is it practical? Probably not. But do we want one? Absolutely. I mean, seriously, just look at the miniature Mjolnir and the LED glow emanating out from the cracked ground. It does make the ESC key fun again, doesn’t it?

HolyOOPS 3D Titanium Thor Mjolnir Keycap

Price-wise, this is not your average custom keycap. At 32 dollars a pop, this thing is pricey by any keycap standards. But the price is just for it is made of two materials. Titanium alloy for the Mjolnir and aluminum for the keycap.

Works with Cherry switch keyboards. If it interests you, you can pick up the HolyOOPS 3D Titanium Thor Mjolnir Keycap from Geekkeys.com.

Images: HolyOOPS [CH].

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