Dwarf Factory Foodie Artisan Keycaps

Do you know the keys on your keyboard like its the back of your hand and you are kinda board with those mundane looking keycaps? Well, if it a yes for both, you are in luck because, Dwarf Factory has just the keycaps for you – specifically, if you are a foodie. Then again, who doesn’t?

Dwarf Factory Foodie Artisan Keycaps

Dwarf Factory Foodie Artisan Keycaps, as they are called, are some delectable (looking) handmade keycaps featuring, well, food, duh. Altogether, there are five styles in the Foodie Artisan Keycaps, featuring breakfast delight like waffles topped with butter and maple syrup to sandwiches stacked thick with the works.

Each key is offered in an open design or with an OEM cover. But I would imagine you want and not want the former because, it looks painful to be jabbing the keycaps with non-flat profile, but it wouldn’t look as tasty with the OEM cover. Anyways, it is your choice. Personally, I would go for the open design.

However, at this point, it is not for you and I to choose because, Dwarf Factory Foodie Artisan Keycaps are sold out. Worst, it is a Drop exclusive and so, Drop is the only place you find these keycaps.

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If you are really, really keen, we suggest you click on “Request” to be notified when it is available again. Before that, be warned that it is not cheap. We read that each key cap was sold at a hefty 44 bucks. Though, it was sold at $160 for all five styles, or $180 with the OEM cover.

Dwarf Factory Foodie Artisan Keycaps

Images: Drop/Dwarf Factory.

Hat tip: Technabob.