BulkPods Bulk AirPods by Unnecessary Inventions

At this point, losing AirPods is kind of part and parcel of AirPods users’ life. The lost is more than just economical. The inconvenience as a result is very real and that’s why there is the BulkPods by Unnecessary Inventions.

With BulkPods, you won’t even bat an eyelid the next time you misplace one, or two. When you do lose an AirPod, just reach out into the lunchbox-size case and pick out one replacement, and keep on enjoying your tunes without disruption.

And it packs enough of Apple’s sound sticks to last you weeks, or even months if you are less careless.

BulkPods Bulk AirPods by Unnecessary Inventions

Before you go ga-ga over it. Clearly, BulkPods is a satirical ‘product’ – that’s if the “brand” behind it, Unnecessary Inventions, haven’t already hinted that it is so.

Besides, a pair of AirPods itself is already expensive enough. Can you imagine purchasing all 48 sticks? That would cost thousands of dollars which should itself hint that this isn’t a real product. We knew it isn’t real. We are not hating it. We just had a good laugh.

For the uninitiated, Unnecessary Inventions is the design project of Burlington, Vermont-based product designer Matt Benedetto.

BulkPods Bulk AirPods by Unnecessary Inventions

Unnecessary Inventions is the same outfit behind the Cuisine Curtain Modesty Curtain for eating, among other wacky products.

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Unnecessary Inventions creates products no one had asked for and that supposedly solve problems that don’t exist. Mind you. These ‘products’ aren’t digital renders; these silly products are actual, tangible products (albeit not all are functional) and each product even had editorial shot to mimic real marketing campaign.

So why is Unnecessary Inventions doing all these? According to the horse’s mouth: “the project explores creativity, experimentation with design & processes, and pokes fun at the real products people will actually purchase online.” But I think we already get that.

Images: Unnecessary Inventions.

Source: This Is Why I’m Broke.