Lars Buro’s Cybunker Cybertruck-inspired Bunker

No doubt a design that is riding on the waves created by the controversial Tesla Cybertruck, the Cybunker conceived by New York-based multi-disciplinary design agency Lars Buro is a beautiful, futuristic bunker.

This geometric shape bunker boasts 1,800 square feet of interior space that can be configured for a variety of uses/purposes.

Officially, it is described as a modular architecture that can served as a “hi-tech depot”, an accessory dwelling unit, or an off-the-grid residence.

Thanks to it’s steel monocoque structure, it is capable of standing up to toughest conditions imaginable. Then again, as tough as it is, the foundation would have to be equally strong, if not stronger for a complete tough package. Just saying…

Lars Buro’s Cybunker Cybertruck-inspired Bunker

Other features include a panoramic lateral armored glass windows, skylights for maximum daytime illumination, a solar panel covered roof, and an “infrastructural ‘motherboard’ that packs the bunker’s utility and computer systems, cisterns, pumps, along with a battery bank that stores all energy generated from the aforementioned solar panels.

Apparently, it looks like this “Cyberbunker” may be for sale. It should be a built-to-order, we believe. If you are keen, you can get in touch with Lars Buro to work out how you get one at the land of your choice.

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Images: Lars Buro.

Source: This Is Why I’m Broke.