Star Wars 9-Movie Collection Digital + Blu-ray 4K

I am not sure if fans of the original Star Wars trilogy are also fans of the prequel, let alone the Disney-era sequels. If you are, you will be glad that you could soon own all 9 films that miraculously turned into a Skywalker story.

Anywho, Best Buy has posted a pre-order page for the Star Wars 9-Movie Collection, but really, the details are lacking. That said, without much details, you have to be a super fan to take the $249.99 plunge.

Star Wars 9-Movie Collection Digital + Blu-ray 4K

To be fair, we do know a teeny weeny bit from the product title and from the lone product image. We know for certain that the $250 collection (and only in Best Buy, if I may add), you will get digital copy as well as Blu-ray 4K UHD, and also, it appears to come with a hard cover collectible book of sort.

Images: Best Buy.

Source: FBTB.