Here’s a piece of good news for lovers of smartphone with physical QWERTY keyboard who sometimes have butterfingers. In other words, a BlackBerry Passport-like device that can survive the punishment of clumsy hands and a device that fits into an established ecosystem such as Google Android.

Rugged phone maker, Unihertz, apparently knew the demand for such a device and is introducing a Unihertz Rugged QWERTY Smartphone called Titan. What we know about this upcoming keyboard-equipped device is pretty much everything that are listed on its dedicated webpage, preparing for its launch on Kickstarter.

Unihertz Rugged QWERTY Smartphone

Here is a list of things we learned about Unihertz Titan QWERTY smartphone:

• It is IP67 rated device, i.e. it is dust and waterproof
• It is shockproof
• It has walkie-talkie function
• It has a super large capacity battery rated at 6,000 mAh
• It will get a 4.5-inch 1,440 x 1,440 resolution IPS LCD display
• It is a dual SIM phone with global LTE support
• It will have wireless charging
• It will have fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock
• NFC will also come as standard
• And it is an Android device

We do not know when it will go live on Kickstarter. However, we do know that backers of super early bird perk will be able secure a unit for $199. If you want the said super early bird price, make sure you get yourself signed up to be notified and if you desire, reserve a unit now.

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Unihertz Rugged QWERTY Smartphone

Images: Unihertz.

Source: CrackBerry.

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