Unihertz Gave Atom An Upgrade To Become The Smallest DMR Walkie-Talkie Rugged Smartphone

If you are in the market for a “survivalist smartphone,” Shanghai-based Unihertz Atom XL may be right on your money. Building on the success of the original Atom, Atom XL is a compact 4-inch rugged smartphone that boasts a host of upgrades, including DMR walkie-talkie function.

Unihertz’s BlackBerry-like Rugged QWERTY Smartphone Goes Live On Kickstarter, Cost Just $259

You hear it is coming and now, it is finally here, well, almost. We talking about the Unihertz Titan Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, the rugged BlackBerry-like device. It is now live on Kickstarter and man, it looks like many people are clamoring for a ruggedized smartphone with physical keyboard.

Unihertz Is Making A BlackBerry Passport-like Rugged Android Smartphone

Here’s a piece of good news for lovers of smartphone with physical QWERTY keyboard who sometimes have butterfingers. In other words, a BlackBerry Passport-like device that can survive the punishment of clumsy hands and a device that fits into an established ecosystem such as Google Android.