Unihertz’s BlackBerry-like Rugged QWERTY Smartphone Goes Live On Kickstarter, Cost Just $259

You hear it is coming and now, it is finally here, well, almost. We talking about the Unihertz Titan Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, the rugged BlackBerry-like device. It is now live on Kickstarter and man, it looks like many people are clamoring for a ruggedized smartphone with physical keyboard.

Unihertz Is Making A BlackBerry Passport-like Rugged Android Smartphone

Here’s a piece of good news for lovers of smartphone with physical QWERTY keyboard who sometimes have butterfingers. In other words, a BlackBerry Passport-like device that can survive the punishment of clumsy hands and a device that fits into an established ecosystem such as Google Android.

If Anyone’s Interested, The BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition Is Now Available

If anyone’s interested, the BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition, first announced at the Mobile World Congress 2019, is now available in the U.S. The Red Edition, if you don’t already know, is pretty much the original introduced last year with a few tweaks, including the obvious red colorway treatment. This means you will be treated to […]

This Is It. It’s The BlackBerry KEY2, An Android Phone With Keyboard In 2018

In case you haven’t heard, BlackBerry is very much alive and it has a new Android device, a follow up to the keyboard-equipped KEYone introduced last June. If you love BlackBerry, you have TCL to thank and if you love keyboard (seriously, who doesn’t, right?), you will dig newly announced KEY2. Before we get into […]

BlackBerry New Keyboard-less Android Device Breaks Cover In Dubai

Good news, diehard fans of BlackBerry, the revived BlackBerry mobile under TCL has finally revealed its second handset in Dubai. Called BlackBerry Motion, this new device offers a BlackBerry tradition-breaking full touchscreen experience and so, yeah, it has no keyboard. Disappointed? Well, wait till you see the specs… Anywho, like the KEYone, it is, of […]

BlackBerry KEYone Android Phone Goes On Sale, Priced At $550

It’s alive! Thanks to TCL, BlackBerry mobile is still kicking around and I am not going to lie, its BlackBerry KEYone Android-powered smartphone is looking pretty dope. First of, there’s no question about aesthetics. It is as good looking as a BlackBerry, but I guess the real draw here is Android. Then again, that’s no […]

Blackberry Reboots The Iconic QWERTY Design and Called It ‘Classic’

No. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you and neither is this post bumped up from the archive. This is latest smartphone from the Ontario-based handset maker and it is called, well, Blackberry Classic. We have absolutely why Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion or RIM) choose to reboot the classic design. Oh, actually we […]

BlackBerry Passport Has 4.5″ Square HD Display, Boasts Innovative Dual-control Keyboard

Motorola Flipout, Compulab Exeda, Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7600 were examples of handsets that does not conform to the norm of design, i.e. they have form factors that are pretty much out of this world, but how did they fared? obviously, those designs didn’t go down very well with consumers and despite that, Blackberry went […]

Porsche Design P’9983 from BlackBerry Has a Pretty Aesthetic to Make Up for ‘Decent Specs’

Blackberry is actually a pretty capable smartphone, but unfortunately, it fails to catch up with time and most importantly, it can’t catch up with the changing consumer tastes. in any case, that hasn’t stop the continual collaboration between design house Porsche Design and Blackberry, and so yes, the two outfits have turn out yet another […]

Porsche Design P’9982 BlackBerry

by now, everyone knows where BlackBerry stands in the smartphone market and we would imagine many individuals and companies would already steer clear of the ailing fruit. after all, there is nothing Blackberry can do that a regular smartphone can’t. however, if you are undaunted and still love BlackBerry 10 OS wholeheartedly, then you might as well get one that’s on the top of the food chain