Ikea TOG-ether Bundle Dual Blankets For Couples

Ahhh… the ever annoying duvet war. Anyone who shares a bed with another person would understand this. For some reason, some people just want it all to him/herself. Anyways, the duvet war is very real. According to Ikea UK, 6.5 million Brits did not have a good night rest because of this ‘war’ brewing in the bedroom. In fact, it has become so intense that Swedish furniture maker, Ikea, think it needs to step in to help. The flatpack furniture giant is selling a “TOG-ether bundle” which will introduced Brits to Swedish’s way of sleep and that’s going with two duvets.

Ikea TOG-ether Bundle Dual Blankets For Couples

Apparently, Swedish way of sleeping is going with separate duvets for each person as opposed to the norm of one large duvet. Wait. The Swedes actually practice that? Hmmm. I didn’t know that. Whether is it true or not, it sure does sound like a surefire way to eliminate the duvet war once and for all. It is an exceedingly simple but brilliant solution. And Ikea is dead serious about introducing the two blankets ‘system’ to end this ‘war’. It even go to length to offer different TOG ratings: 7.5 TOG or 12 TOG, so each person can choose how warm he/she wants the blanket to be.

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Those in the U.K. will be able to pick up the TOG-ether bundle for 40 English money (around US$56.60) at Ikea stores across the U.K. between January 27 and 28. Mark those dates if you want to put your nightly agony to an end. Catch the official video to learn more.

Images: Ikea UK.

via Time.com.