if those cheap plastic fishbone cord managers have been stopping you from actually using one, then you might want to check out the Kord Lord. a seemingly bold name it has, but rest assure that this little guy has the design and features to live up its name. the Kord Lord is not only designed for those who wants to be free from cord entanglement, but also for those who want to look good while doing so. crafted from a choice beautiful wood including Alder, Black Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany, the yo-yo size Kord Lord features embedded magnets at the core to keep the earbuds firmly in place and a large diameter core ensures you won’t have to spend an eternity to coil the cord up.

a larger diameter core also means the cords are not as tightly wound like those smaller cord managers do and therefore, the cords will less likely to revert back to its wound state. in fact, that’s precisely why i don’t use cord manager (besides the less then appealing design). most of them require the cord to be wound in a small diameter which result in curly cords when unwound and that’s not to mention the time required to wind and unwind around a tiny diameter. the Kord Lord not only takes care of that, but also makes unwinding a breeze – thanks to the dimples located on both sides which functions as a pivot point or sort for your fingers when unwinding the cord.

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the accessory is also intentionally design to be wider so it can be use to coil up standard USB charging cable too. you can grab the Kord Lord magnetic earbud cord manager off Kickstarter from now till March 30, for $25 and up. the dudes have reached their set funding goal, which means if you back the project, you can expect delivery sometime in April. have a look at the pitch video after the break.

thanks Alder for the hat tip!

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  1. Awesome product! I got one from Etsy and coudn’t be more pleased with it! I have used other alternatives but Kord Lord takes the cake when it comes to ease of use, look and feel of he product.

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