Man Bag Fitness Sandbag Kind of Make Gym Equipment A Non-necessity

We do not dismiss the benefits of hitting the gym. Each piece of gym equipment is designed with specific muscle group in mind, but lets face it: not everyone has the time to go into specifics, much less hitting up the gym. So, why not save yourself the hassle of the commute (to the gym) […]

Blast Motion Sensor Tracks How High You Jumped and More, Overlays Them on Real-time Video.

Fitness tracker works for everyday person, but for serious athletics, knowing the key metrics such as height of the jumps, hang time, direction, acceleration, and even the rotation made, matters, and these are the areas Blast Motion Sensor aims to cover. Not only does it offers the said metrics, it can overlay those information on […]

OptiShot2 Golf Simulator Lets You Hone Your Golf Skill in the Comfort of Your Home

Golf is a sport that demands constant practice if you want to be on top of the game. When we say ‘constant’, we do mean hitting the course or the range consistently, which is costly and not to mention the time spent traveling to and fro the club (unless you happen to stay next to […]

This MMA and Boxing Wearable Keeps Track of Your Punches in Real-Time

In fighting sports like MMA and boxing, every punch you throw matters. That said, if you want to be on top of your game, you can’t depend on gut feel or experience to judge your performance. You or your coach, will need something that offers tangible data like the speed and force of your throws, […]

ShotTracker Tracks Your Basketball Hits and Misses, Also Let You Challenge Others Remotely

Basketball enthusiasts will know how is it like to train alone. You quickly lost count of your shots, however, if you’re open to technology like the ShotTracker, that would be a thing of the past. ShotTracker is as what its name implies; it is a basketball shot tracker and trainer. The system comprises of three […]

Look. Sony Also Wants To Be In The Game Of Improving Your Tennis Game

who would have thought Sony’s expertise in the field of audio and sound analysis technologies could have a part to play in improving your tennis? we surely didn’t, but that’s what the Japanese electronics has exploited when developing the Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W). like the Zepp Multi-sport Sensor, the sensor sticks to the bottom of […]

Zepp Multi-Sport Sensor

rather than engaging a coach to improve on your performance in sports like baseball, golf and tennis, why not let technology do it for you? surely, coach can’t offer you insight in the form of 1,000 data points per second, can he? available for three popular sports, namely baseball, golf and tennis, the Zepp Multi-Sport Sensor is the world’s first app-powered multi-sport