Man Bag Fitness Sandbag by Man Down

We do not dismiss the benefits of hitting the gym. Each piece of gym equipment is designed with specific muscle group in mind, but lets face it: not everyone has the time to go into specifics, much less hitting up the gym. So, why not save yourself the hassle of the commute (to the gym) while still have the means to build your core strength, free-style, with Man Bag Fitness Sandbag by Man Down? Yes, I am well aware that the market is surely not lacking of sand bag built for fitness, but Man Bag’s patent-pending design boasts a variable weight feature that allows for adjustment from 10 to 100 lbs, negating the need for additional weight inserts.

Man Bag Fitness Sandbag by Man Down

Like the good old medicine ball, Man Bag Fitness Sandbag lets you work on your strength by manipulating the sand-filled bag pretty much the way you want it without having the need to confirm to fix movement of a machine. Now on its second iteration, Man Bag is made from durable 1,000 denier nylon and features a two-stage closure with roll-down ends that affords variation of the weight while creating a tight fit that promised no leaks.

Man Bag Fitness Sandbag by Man Down

A pair of 2-inch heavy polypropylene webbing handles and reinforce rubber handles lets you handle it like a proper weight when you are not hugging it, and strong flat-felled seam and reinforced box stitches further enhanced its robustness, so your really need not to be gentle with it. Last but not least, it comes with neoprene buckle covers that, when removed, double as handy beer koozie for keeping in the cold of your favorite adult beverage.

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Man Bag is made in the good’ol US of A and it is shipped unfilled. Meaning, you will need to supply your own sand. But it is a necessity (or non-necessity, really) as the weight of the sand will just adds to your shipping which makes zero sense. Anywho, if you are all up for it, you can pick up the Man Bag Fitness Sandbag in a choice of three colorways: Black, Red, and OD Green (our favorite, btw) from Man Down’s website, priced at $115 a pop.

Images courtesy of Man Down.

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