Casey Neistat Hauled Into The Air By A Drone

That’s not Santa Claus, though that did took place in Finland and aptly, in a small village where real-life Santa lives. It is just YouTube celebrity and filmmaker Casey Neistat in Santa getup, who instead of riding a sleigh pulled by Rudolf and friends, he had a snowboard and a giant-ass drone. When we said giant-ass, the drone really is a giant-ass multi-rotor aircraft. Drone of this magnitude is not commercially available and so, Casey’s team took about a year to design and put together an eight-rotor drone that has not only the power to pull Casey across the powdered ground and up the hills, but also lift him high up to the air.

But probably ‘lift’ was only at times because most of the time it feels more like Santa Casey was flying high and far. Yes, that beast there has that much power, which was in itself an achievement and that’s not to mention the balls of steel Casey had to be doing what he did. That was totally insane but admittedly, super satisfying to watch. The Casey and team ’s stun, along with the Christmas-picturesque setting, easily make this the best Holiday video to end the year. Keep going for the said video and try to keep your jaw up, will’ya?

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And here’s the behind the scene look:

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.