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Nothing Much, It Is Just Casey Neistat Being Hauled Into The Air By A Drone

That’s not Santa Claus, though that did took place in Finland and aptly, in a small village where real-life Santa lives. It is just YouTube celebrity and filmmaker Casey Neistat in Santa getup, who instead of riding a sleigh pulled by Rudolf and friends, he had a snowboard and a giant-ass drone. When we said giant-ass, the drone really is a giant-ass multi-rotor aircraft. Drone of this magnitude is not commercially available and so, Casey’s team took about a year to design and put together an eight-rotor drone that has not only the power to pull Casey across the powdered ground and up the hills, but also lift him high up to the air. Continue reading Nothing Much, It Is Just Casey Neistat Being Hauled Into The Air By A Drone

Droneboarding Is Definitely Not Going To Be An X-Games Sport

We familiar with sports involving boards and towing, such as kiteboarding and wake boarding, for examples. And somewhere in between these two sports, there’s an emerging board sport that crosses path with technology and it is known as droneboarding. It takes no effort to imagine what it is. That’s right, droneboarding is what it says it is, which involves a regular snowboard and a rope tethered to a drone on one end, and a handle on the other. It basically shares the principles as the aforementioned sports, except that the thing that’s towing the rider is a drone. Continue reading Droneboarding Is Definitely Not Going To Be An X-Games Sport

Where This Wheeled Snowboard Goes, It Doesn’t Need Snow

quit playing virtual snowboarding games on your Playstation 3 just because winter season is over, cos’ LEIF Electric Freeboard is here to keep your snowboarding adrenalin high – even on paved road. as the post title says, where this board goes, it doesn’t need snow and that’s made possible through a clever design that incorporates two inline skate wheels, each powered by a brushless motor, mounted on 360-degree rotatable casters under the skateboard. this setup allows the board to be maneuvered like a snowboard cutting through streets as if there are powered ground. the real kicker here is of course, the sport of LEIF is season-free, well, maybe not so much for winter season when the roads are all iced up, but still that’s like 70 percent of the time you’d be ‘snowboarding’ dry and top that up with your regular winter snowboarding schedules, that’s like 100 percent time of year where you can snowboard. Continue reading Where This Wheeled Snowboard Goes, It Doesn’t Need Snow

Leatherman Hail + Style PS Snowboard Tool

we don’t want to go to length, trying to explain why getting stuck at the peak with bad binding is a snowboarder’s nightmare, because you should have the tools to get it fix anyway, but do you really want to lug a toolbox up there? no, you don’t. you want this handsome piece of made-for-snowboarders multi-tool, the Leatherman Hail + Style PS Snowboard Tool, to be by your side the next time you hit any snow-covered peaks. working in collaboration with Signal Snowboards, Leatherman has essentially created the ultimate accessory that no snowboarders should go without. Continue reading Leatherman Hail + Style PS Snowboard Tool

Nike LunarENDOR QS Snowboard Boots

nobody snowboard in the dark. what? you do? well, then why not put up a light show while you at it with this pair of rad Nike LunarENDOR QS Snowboard Boots? taking center stage is a set of 30 LEDs that lights up the iconic swoosh sign, powered by an embedded lithium-ion battery, with an on/off switch conveniently located at the cuff of the boot so you quickly flip on or off while doing the grab or whatever. attention-grabbing LED aside, the Nike LunarENDOR QS Snowboard Boots is also no slouch when it comes to boot-built and is billed as the “most technologically advanced snowboard boots” available today. packed within its futuristic form is Nike Lunarlon foam (hence, the namesake) that offers a softer, more responsive ride, while also absorbing some of the impact during landings, which are inevitable in the sport of snowboarding. Continue reading Nike LunarENDOR QS Snowboard Boots

KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding

when you see Kneeboard, the first impression would be water sports, but not with this kneeboard called KneeFlyer. it is the Kneeboard that you may know, but designed for everything else out of the water, which includes longboard, skateboard, mountainboard, and of course, snowboard. it gives you a whole new way to ride and in a more comfortable position. this binding system comprises of three components: a plastic tray where a removable contoured knee pad is nested in, and a set of retention straps for holding down the rider. what makes the KneeFlyer stands out is the patented foam, featuring a contoured knee and shin cavity, plus a seat extension (or protrusion of sort) where you will be sitting on, thus relieving your ankles from the stress of your weight. Continue reading KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding

HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool

who would have thought a simple snowflake shape could be harnessed into an exceedingly handy and useful multi-tool? neither did we. well, that’s exactly what two dudes Alex and Nate did – design a snowboard tool around one of the products of Mother Nature: snowflake. the HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool, as it is called, took advantage of the nature’s perfect shape and incorporates an astonishing 15 tools cleverly blended into one unibody multi-tool that measures just a little over 2 inches and weighs a mere 2.3 ounces (65 grams). in fact, it has 16 functions in all, if you count paracord splice as one of them. we’d be lying if we say we weren’t impressed by the effort the duo made to get to this design. Continue reading HexFlex Compact Snowboard Tool

Click Carabiner Snowboard and Ski Binding Tool

seriously, if you are at the top of the ski slope, the last thing in your mind is to trek down to the pro shop to tweak a loose binding and yet, you won’t be lugging around basic ski or snowboard repair tools with you when you ski or snowboard, do you? the solution? the Click Carabiner Snowboard and Ski Binding Tool (officially, it is known as ‘Cl!ck Carabiner’) which has the snowboarding specific wrenches, screwdrivers, and even a bottle opener (well, maybe the bottle opener is not quite a ski or snowboard essential, but still…), all packed into a super handy carabiner form. derived from Click Carabiner’s skate carabiner tool, two models are available for seeing to your snow sports on-site repair needs: a Click Ski Carabiner and the Click Snowboard Carabiner. Continue reading Click Carabiner Snowboard and Ski Binding Tool

Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Snowboarding Boot

Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Snowboarding Boot
Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Boot | US$350.00 | www.nike.com

what does classic American aviation has to do with snowboarding? our guess is, nothing at all (not even remotely) but that doesn’t stop Nike from taking design cues from American military aviation (more like WWII aviation-inspired) and put them into this pair of snowboarding boots developed in “close connection” with famed snowboarder Danny Kass. differentiating itself from the original Nike Zoom Force 1 Boot is the unique double tongue system that guarantees to turn heads and if that fails, we are pretty sure the artwork of the menacing shark with razor sharp teeth Continue reading Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Snowboarding Boot

could AvA 299 DROP concept helicopter replaces Ski Lift?

AvA 299 DROP helicopter 544x380px
(credit: Timon Sager)

if designer Timon Sager has his way, future snowboarders would be riding the AvA 299 DROP helicopter to the peak for a thrilling snowboarding ride downhill. Timon’s concept helicopter is a purposed designed coaxial helicopter specifically to bring snowboarders to locations that are not accessible by your usual ski lifts. Continue reading could AvA 299 DROP concept helicopter replaces Ski Lift?