When you see Kneeboard, the first impression would be water sports, but not with this kneeboard called KneeFlyer. It is the Kneeboard that you may know, but designed for anything but the water. This includes boardsports like longboard, mountainboard, and snowboard. It gives you a whole new way to ride and in a more comfortable position.

This binding system comprises of three components: a plastic tray where a removable contoured knee pad is nested in, and a set of retention straps for holding down the rider. what makes the KneeFlyer stands out is the patented foam, featuring a contoured knee and shin cavity, plus a seat extension (or protrusion of sort) where you will be sitting on, thus relieving your ankles from the stress of your weight.

Moreover, the seat extension doubles as a lever of sort, giving you a slightly higher CG that lets you grip and lean when turning and stopping. Another noteworthy design feature of this binding system is that the foam (i.e. the knee pad) is actually raise and away from the board, thereby allowing your feet to hang in a natural position. You could say most of the magic of this system lies in this patented foam which enhances the comfort and lessen fatigue for longer rides.

What’s more, by virtues of the design, you can also ride your snowboard like a snow sled by turning it around, sit on the knee cavity, stretch your legs forth and zoom down the slope. So, whether you are getting into the sport or just a seasoned snowboarder looking to inject new fun into the snowboarding, the KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding might just be worth checking out.

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But the real deal sweetener here is this: the KneeFlyer is a multi-seasonable binding system that you use for snowboard in winter, and for your skateboard or whatever board for all other seasons. Though it is noteworthy that as far as snow sport is concerned, KneeFlyer may not be readily accepted by all ski resorts, though its maker has no problem thus far.

We are sure in time, it will be widely accepted as any other form of snow sport equipment. Until then, you can help to make this a reality by backing this campaign on Kickstarter.

However, be warned, KneeFlyer is going to be taxing on financial asset: the early bird special (which is left with two at the time of this post) cost $425 and if that runs out, you will be expecting to shell out between $475 and $525 for it. Then again, since when is snow sport ever cheap? I mean, getting yourself warm and cosy to take on the powdered ground is costly in itself.

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