Meet IceBRKR, The World’s First Ski Goggles With Bone Conduction Audio And Bluetooth 5.0 MESH

It does not take a genius to know that skiing and music with headphones are not the safest combination. Music cuts ambience sound of the surrounding which you will need when skiing. But not if IceBRKR Ski Mask can help it. It is the world’s first ski goggles to feature integrated bone conduction audio and […]

Luxurious Skis Made In Jackie Chan’s Name Won’t Give You Kungfu Skills

Unknown to most people, Jackie Chan is more than an action movie star known for his slapstick kungfu scenes. He is somewhat of a misfit. For starter, he chose to live in a non-luxury, nondescript building in middle of an industrial area in Hong Kong. He has a huge collection of Chinese teapots and he […]

Adidas Outs New Anti-Fog, Quick-Shift Lenspod System Snowboard Goggle

Adidas has introduced as a pair of snowboard goggle for 2017. Called Adidas Progressor C, this swanky pair of snow sports gear from German sporting gear giant features a Quick-Shift Lenspod System to meet the growing demand for easily interchangeable lenses. Coming from Adidas, there should be no doubt about how gorgeous this pair of […]

Foil Wants You To Hit The Powdered Slope In Skis With Gold-plated Bindings And 8000-Year Old Wood

If you’re rolling millions a year, you can’t be hitting the alps with regular skis you’d lease from the pro shop, can you? I mean, surely you want your skis to match your financial prowess. Well, I guess not everyone who’s reach will be into such indulgence, however, if you do, Foil Skis may something […]

Droneboarding Is Definitely Not Going To Be An X-Games Sport

We familiar with sports involving boards and towing, such as kiteboarding and wake boarding, for examples. And somewhere in between these two sports, there’s an emerging board sport that crosses path with technology and it is known as droneboarding. It takes no effort to imagine what it is. That’s right, droneboarding is what it says […]

Abom Zero Fog Snow Goggles – The World’s First Snow Goggle with Active Anti-fog Technology

Snow sports lovers can now say goodbye to the constant battle with fog up goggles with the Abom (short for Abominable) Zero Fog Snow Goggles. Billed as the world’s first snow google with active anti-fog technology, there are no vents to meddle with or fans to turn on; instead, it uses patented KLAIR technology which […]

KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding

when you see Kneeboard, the first impression would be water sports, but not with this kneeboard called KneeFlyer. it is the Kneeboard that you may know, but designed for everything else out of the water, which includes longboard, skateboard, mountainboard, and of course, snowboard.

Splitsticks – snowboard and ski gear

if you are a true-blooded adventure seeker, then snowboarding down a mainstream resort-style alps is the last thing you ever wanted and that said, you and buds will probably be seeking out more challenging peaks where a long hike is inevitable – cos’ ski lifts are never there and they will never be, else it would be yet another typical resort, wouldn’t it?

Oakley Airwave Goggle

there are apps out there that offer you realtime data such as airtime, speed and attitude when you hit the alps but can you read those data without having you to take your eyes off your path and do they protect your eyes at the same time? we see. they can’t but with the Oakley Airwave Goggle you can. it features a tiny Heads Up Display (HUD) built-in to the goggle that’s…

Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Snowboarding Boot

what does classic American aviation has to do with snowboarding? our guess is, nothing at all (not even remotely) but that doesn’t stop Nike from taking design cues from American military aviation (more like WWII aviation-inspired) and put them into this pair of snowboarding boots developed in “close connection”…