IceBRKR Bone Conduction Audio Ski Goggles

It does not take a genius to know that skiing and music with headphones are not the safest combination. Music cuts ambience sound of the surrounding which you will need when skiing. But not if IceBRKR Ski Mask can help it. It is the world’s first ski goggles to feature integrated bone conduction audio and Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology to enable skiers and snowboarders to communicate and enjoy music safer.

IceBRKR Bone Conduction Audio Ski Goggles

Bone conduction audio allows music and conversation to be heard while not cutting the wearer’s awareness of the surrounding. It also allows you to talk to anyone around you without making them feel like you are screaming at them. Patented and innovative bendable arms to ensure constant contact between the transducer and the wearer’s ears, promising high-level of wear comfort and delivery of amazing audio of both music and calls.

The transducer even works on helmet, passing the audio to the helmet shell to be delivered to the wearer, but TBH, I am even aware that this is possible. Another highlight is the incorporation of Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology. When paired with compatible MESH devices, communication between 2 and 18 devices is possible for up to a mile (1.6 kilometers), thus negating fear of no cell signal when on the mountains.

IceBRKR Bone Conduction Audio Ski Goggles

All the glove-friendly buttons/keys necessary for the control of music, conversation and more are located right on the goggles. Beyond the tech, IceBRKR features a magnetic, swappable dual lens with proprietary geometry for maximize peripheral vision with minimal distortion, as well as polarized lenses with iridium coating to lessen glare and elevates the contrast.

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IceBRKR Bone Conduction Ski Mask is available by backing the product on Kickstarter. If you act early, you can pre-order a unit for as low as 69 euro (about US$78). If that runs out, you are looking at 89-109 euro (around US$100-122). At press time, the campaign has already met its funding goal and all that is left now is for bONE Tech to live up to promise to deliver the product to backers this November.

Images: bONE Tech.