Ghostbusters Fan Made His Own Ghostbusters: Afterlife Polaroid Ecto Goggles

Self-described “child of the 80’s living the geek lifestyle,” member of Ghostbusters ATX and obvious super fan of Ghostbusters, Eugene Stephens, has made a pair of working Polaroid Ecto Googles as briefly seen in the German version of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie trailer.

Meet IceBRKR, The World’s First Ski Goggles With Bone Conduction Audio And Bluetooth 5.0 MESH

It does not take a genius to know that skiing and music with headphones are not the safest combination. Music cuts ambience sound of the surrounding which you will need when skiing. But not if IceBRKR Ski Mask can help it. It is the world’s first ski goggles to feature integrated bone conduction audio and […]

Adidas Outs New Anti-Fog, Quick-Shift Lenspod System Snowboard Goggle

Adidas has introduced as a pair of snowboard goggle for 2017. Called Adidas Progressor C, this swanky pair of snow sports gear from German sporting gear giant features a Quick-Shift Lenspod System to meet the growing demand for easily interchangeable lenses. Coming from Adidas, there should be no doubt about how gorgeous this pair of […]

RCH Racing and Ken Roczen Collaborates with Dodge for Limited Edition Oakley Racing Goggle

This come as an odd collaboration to us. Anyway, as the post title says, motocross racing team RCH and its newly inducted motocross world champion, German Ken Roczen, has announced a special pair of racing goggle (for motocross, naturally), the Dodge SRT Hellcat Limited Edition Goggle, in collaboration with Oakley. Things get weirder as this […]

Abom Zero Fog Snow Goggles – The World’s First Snow Goggle with Active Anti-fog Technology

Snow sports lovers can now say goodbye to the constant battle with fog up goggles with the Abom (short for Abominable) Zero Fog Snow Goggles. Billed as the world’s first snow google with active anti-fog technology, there are no vents to meddle with or fans to turn on; instead, it uses patented KLAIR technology which […]

You Can Now View Video and Control Garmin VIRB with Oakley Airwave 1.5 Snow Goggles

Unless Oakley starts building camera into their snow goggles, we think the collaboration between Oakley and Garmin (or any action cam for that matters) sounds like a logical move. Via wireless connectivity and a dedicated app, you can now view live video feed, as well as data from Garmin VIRB Elite action camera on the […]

Oakley Airwave Goggle

there are apps out there that offer you realtime data such as airtime, speed and attitude when you hit the alps but can you read those data without having you to take your eyes off your path and do they protect your eyes at the same time? we see. they can’t but with the Oakley Airwave Goggle you can. it features a tiny Heads Up Display (HUD) built-in to the goggle that’s…

Zeal ION HD Camera Goggles

having an action cam strapped to your helmet or bare head is no doubt an afterthought and is certainly not everyone’s fancy but wearing one that’s integrated into essentials such as a pair of goggles like the Zeal ION HD Camera Goggles is another story. it features a 8.0-megapixel camera capable of HD stills and up to 1080p HD video recording, slapped right…