unlike the previous example we have seen, the Leica iPhone 5 Case conceived by Maxime de Keiser of Les Forges MDK does not take things too literally. the form remains the recognizable iPhone case, but yet one can immediately pick up the Leica influence. and that’s what we call design excellency – capturing the essence of the product. key highlights include a forged aluminum slider-type case, wrapped in a thin layer of leather across its midsection and along with details like non-functioning lens ring with scale markings, a loop hole for lanyard, and finally, finishing off with the iconic red and white Leica logo at the bottom corner of the case.

like Maxime de Keiser’s previous concept, the iPhone 4 Legacy Case that we love so much, the Leica iPhone 5 Case is all but another amazing concept that may not see the light of production. in any case, it is highly unlikely that it will become a reality due to potential trademark infringement, unless Leica decides to pick this one up, which we think they should totally do so. so Leica, are you getting this? well, perhaps not. for now, we have to content with drooling (or ogling?) over the beautiful concept product images, which you can find in the gallery below.

Les Forges MDK via HiConsumption

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