if you are a true-blooded adventure seeker, then snowboarding down a mainstream resort-style alps is the last thing you ever wanted and that said, you and buds will probably be seeking out more challenging peaks where a long hike is inevitable – cos’ ski lifts are never there and they will never be, else it would be yet another typical resort, wouldn’t it? anyway, instead of switching from a hike skis to a snowboard and having to lug one of the either in the process, why not grab a set of the Splitsticks? so what the heck is a Splitsticks anyway? it is a splitboarding system that let you split up the board half for ease of hiking up the peak of your choosing and snap right back into a full-fledge snowboard when you are ready to tear down the snowy slope. but it don’t just stop there, there’s a third mode to this snow sports wonder: the Ski mode with fixed heels that let you ski on flat sections. pretty sleek, eh? if those aren’t awesome enough, then check these out: it boast the most user-friendly split setup in the market, enabling you to make the changeover without breaking a sweat – with gloves on, naturally. now we are really talking. so, who needs ski lifts anyway? the only limiting factor would be your stamina. period. you can get your Splitsticks – snowboard and ski gear for €1,350 (about US$1,820).

Splitsticks via Uncrate

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