Porsche Design Teamed Up With Elan Skis For New “Sports Car” Of Skis, Elan Amphibio

Elan Skis is like the sports car of skis. This notion is made even more true with the new Porsche Design Elan Amphibio Skis. The two brands have come together again for new set of skis that, much like Porsche’s automobiles, has both the look and performance.

Luxurious Skis Made In Jackie Chan’s Name Won’t Give You Kungfu Skills

Unknown to most people, Jackie Chan is more than an action movie star known for his slapstick kungfu scenes. He is somewhat of a misfit. For starter, he chose to live in a non-luxury, nondescript building in middle of an industrial area in Hong Kong. He has a huge collection of Chinese teapots and he …

Foil Wants You To Hit The Powdered Slope In Skis With Gold-plated Bindings And 8000-Year Old Wood

If you’re rolling millions a year, you can’t be hitting the alps with regular skis you’d lease from the pro shop, can you? I mean, surely you want your skis to match your financial prowess. Well, I guess not everyone who’s reach will be into such indulgence, however, if you do, Foil Skis may something …

Splitsticks – snowboard and ski gear

if you are a true-blooded adventure seeker, then snowboarding down a mainstream resort-style alps is the last thing you ever wanted and that said, you and buds will probably be seeking out more challenging peaks where a long hike is inevitable – cos’ ski lifts are never there and they will never be, else it would be yet another typical resort, wouldn’t it?