it might be a coincidence: nearly all geeks had wanted to be a ninja at some point in their lives and the same bunch also dreamed to have an automated home. well, we sort of made that up but anyway, with only one real ninja descendant in the world (now residing in Japan), the hope to become one stealth assassin is probably as good as zero but the home automation part is still very much alive and it can be done, at least in part, with this Ninja Blocks Kit. no programming knowledge or endurance of a ninja warrior is required for this home automation solution cos’ there is an app that lets you set rules to turn on your lights, air conditioning units, send a text message to you when someone is at the door and it even works in conjunction with motion sensors to empower your home with a security system.

at this point, we thought you should pretty aware of what this ninja is capable of. a remote app on your portable devices, allows you to access to whatever you have setup at home even when you far and away and if you are adventurous enough, you can choose to get your ‘hands dirty’ and dive into the coding jungle using the official Arduino IDE. awesome stuff – even more so if you are a programmer at heart. you can get started with home automation project with the Ninja Blocks Kit for $199 per kit that comes with a temperature and humidity sensor, a wireless motion sensor, and a wireless door bell; and you can choose to add more sensors and/or actuators as you see fit. learn more about the Ninja Blocks in the video after the break.

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Ninja Blocks via Cool Material

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