forget what headphones makers have been pitching you about their DJ cans can be swiveled to one side for DJ-ing use, just grab yourself a Numark Redphone and be done with it like a pro. touted as the professional DJ stick headphone (note the missing ‘s’), the Redphone is a purpose-built headphone that does DJ stick-style, pumping out audio through its lone premium-quality 50mm driver. it features a swiveling protein-leather padded, close-ear earcup and a cushion-wrapped, ergonomic handle, that doubles as a contraption that you could sandwich between your ear and shoulder, Numark Redphone Pro DJ Stick Headphone - in action thus leaving both of your hands free to execute the essential DJ-ing routines (such as downing a shot of vodka, perhaps?). for just $69.95, the Numark Redphone Pro DJ Stick Headphone can be yours, along with a detachable 1/8″ cable, a 1/4″ adapter, as well as a carrying bag ready for you to hit the road and on to your next gig that will probably pay off your investment unlike some other rigs. awesome, it is. don’t you think so?

Numark via Uncrate

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