Now, here’s a complementary face mask to the custom CPAP ventilator mask by Jared Gray we saw earlier last year. Though this DIY Alien facehugger face mask is not by Gray. It was created by horror filmmaker Jeff Barnaby and yes, it is 100 percent real. Well, as in the face mask is real, not facehugger is real.

So, yeah, this DIY Alien facehugger face mask is not a joke. However, Barnaby did not detail how he made it. I am guessing its 3D printed. Absolutely love the realism such as the tail that wraps around the neck of the wearer.

DIY Alien Facehugger Face Mask by Jeff Barnaby

Jeff stressed that this Alien facehugger face mask not only covers and protects the wearer mouth, and it will guarantee people will stay away from you because, you know, it’s a goddamn facehugger and one wants to be stabbed by a baby xenomorphic extendable jaw, or seeing a person with his/her gut busted from the inside out.

Who am I kidding? It will probably invite stares and giggles, and possibly breaking your social distancing cos’ people will wanna to have a closer look at the mask.

Images: Twitter (@tripgore).

Source: Neatorama.

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