LEGO fans who haven’t get their hands on a copy of The LEGO Movie, we have this to say to you: hurray! you are in luck cos’, there’s an even more awesome edition around the corner. aptly entitled The LEGO Movie: Everything Is Awesome Edition, this special edition is packed to the brim with bonuses and extras that would put a big grin on any LEGO fan’s face. set to release on June 17, the The LEGO Movie: Everything Is Awesome Edition contains a copy of the movie in both Blu-ray and DVD formats, plus an UltraViolet Digital HD copy. it will also come with with a few other extras including an exclusive pre-blinded Vitruvius minifigure (less the staff, unfortunately), a collectible 3D Emmet photo, a bonus 3D movie, and exclusive bonus content such as Dream Job: Meet The LEGO Builders, featured audio commentary, Bringing LEGO to Life, “Everything is Awesome” Sing-Along, Fan-made Films: Top Secret Submissions, Outtakes, Additional Promotional Content, Deleted Scenes and more. in short, this is the version to get for any self-respecting LEGO fans.

The LEGO Movie: Everything Is Awesome Edition

you can pre-order yours from Amazon now for $37.99, which is a good 37% off the suggested retail price of $59.98. this product is covered under Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, which means in the event that the price drops between your order time and the release date, you will pay for the lowest price. sounds like awesome to us. on the personal level, we’d say it is a bargain deal. however, it will be a better deal if Vitruvius minifigure actually as a staff. if not, how else would he open secret doors, eh? an official The LEGO Movie trailer is available for your consumption if you need a little refresher (or a little reminder how cute the movie was).

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