why go for silver/grey MacBook Air when you can have one with colors?

ColorWare MacBook Air customized with colors 544px
(image credit: ColorWare) ColorWare MacBook Air | US$1,870 | www.colorwarepc.com

if you already own a ton of recent Apple products, chances are you might be tired of the trademark silver/grey look. so before you lay your hand on a brand new MacBook Air, why not give it some colors of your choice? Ferrari Gloss Red MacBook Air? Cotton Candy Pink Apple logo? why not?
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almost every exterior part is customizable with the color of your choice – except for the keyboard keys, trackpad and of course, the LCD display screen. you have a myriad of colors to choose from to color up the MacBook Air lid, screen bezel, base, Apple logo and everything else around the keyboard.

being unique has a price to pay. this customization will make you $851 poorer, on top of the $999 you got to foot for the brand new MacBook Air.


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