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Apple MacBook Air (Mid 2013)

sure. the new Apple MacBook Air (Mid 2013) may not be radical in design – in fact, it looks just the same its predecessors, but looking beyond the Apple-sleek aesthetic that we are so accustomed to, we think this latest iteration has matured quite a bit and therefore, more capable in keeping up with the technological developments unfolding now. first and foremost, it is equipped with the power-efficient fourth generation Intel Core processors (up to i7) which bestows it with both speed and an incredible claimed battery life of up to 12 hours and up to 10 hours of iTunes movie playback. alongside the latest Intel chip is the new Intel HD Graphics 5000, a new flash storage that is said about 45 percent speedier than the previous generation, and supports for the 801.11ac WiFi protocol for faster web connectivity if connected to an 802.11ac base station such as the new AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. Continue reading Apple MacBook Air (Mid 2013)

Apple New Product Updates & Accessories

2012 Apple Product Updates and Accessories
photos/graphics: Apple/mikeshouts
while many were probably distracted by the eye-watering Retina Display on the newly announced 15″ MacBook Pro, Apple also made a few more subtle announcements that didn’t quite make it to the stage of the WWDC 2012 or even if they did, they were likely by overshadowed by the first laptop to sport a 5.2 million pixels display. yeah. we know it because we were among those who are drawn to the MacBook Pro with Retina Display when it was introduced. not even the new iOS 6 with its all new Apple Maps did anything to draw us away from the new thinner and lighter 15-inch laptop. Continue reading Apple New Product Updates & Accessories

Twelve South SurfacePad for Air

Twelve South SurfacePad for Air
(photos: Twelve South) Twelve South SurfacePad for Air | US$29.90 | twelvesouth.com

the MacBook Air is perhaps one of the best looking laptop around today, therefore it would be a shame if its surface gets marred by scratches. the outside can be easily protected with the myriad of cases available in the market but lets not forget about the inside, which usually suffers from the abuse from your watches or bracelets. this is where the SurfacePad for Air by Twelve South can help. Continue reading Twelve South SurfacePad for Air

Henge Docks for MacBook Air

Henge Docks for MacBook Air
(photos: Henge Docks) Henge Docks for MacBook Air | from US$55.00 | hengedocks.com

using MacBook Air with an external display might be a little tricky for neat-freaks like us. tricky in the sense that we will be probably be freak-out by the clutter of cables that’s going to invade our work desks. while the market is not lacking of solution to elevate or prop up your MacBook Air, they doesn’t offer a neater cabling solution. that’s where the Henge Docks for MacBook Air comes in. available for both the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air, these well-designed docks offers a fully integrated Mini Display and USB ports right out of the box without the need for additional setup. Continue reading Henge Docks for MacBook Air

Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve

Hard Graft Slim 13" Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13" Sleeve
(image: Hard Graft) Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (€65)/ Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (€79) | www.hardgraft.com

more good news for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Hard Graft has announced yet another duo of products to please the gadget-toting population. first up is the Hard Graft Exclusive 13″ Sleeve (aka the XII MacBook Sleeve) that is crafted from the signature 100% wool and semi-vegetable tanned cow leather combination, and offers both style and protection for your 13″ MacBook or MacBook Air. this fine example features a leather crafted front pocket to accommodate your smaller gadgets like your smartphone and the likes. the XII MacBook Sleeve is available in two colorway: All Grey and Heritage. next up is the Hard Graft Slim 13″ Sleeve (aka Slim MacBook Air Sleeve) that is designed with the 13″ MacBook Air in mind. similarly, it is crafted from German-made 100% wool felt and accented with premium semi-vegetable tanned cow leather. Continue reading Hard Graft Slim 13″ Air Sleeve and Exclusive 13″ Sleeve

more Apple products get hit by Thunderbolt, MacBook Air included

Apple Thunderbolt-equipped Products 544x328px
(image credit: Apple)

after much speculation and anticipation, Apple has finally unveiled a line of product equipped with Thunderbolt technology. these product includes MacBook Air, Mac Mini, as well as the Apple Cinema Display, which is now known as Apple Thunderbolt Display. these trio now joins MacBook Pro and the iMac in the Thunderbolt fray, leaving only Mac Pro and the MacBook without this technology. along with the hardware announcement, Apple also announced the OS X Lion availability as a digital download via the App Store with effect from today. Continue reading more Apple products get hit by Thunderbolt, MacBook Air included

Bird Electron’s MacBook Air portable charger uses 8 x C cells

Bird Electron EP-15V Airline Adapter 544x272px
(image credit: Bird Electron) Bird Electron EP-15V Airline Adapter for MacBook Air | ¥24,000.00 | www.bird-electron.co.jp

if you find that MacBook Air’s 5-7 hours battery isn’t good enough for you, perhaps you might want to grab a portable charger for it. you heard it right, such portable charger do exist. recently announced by Japanese firm Bird Electron, this portable charger for MacBook Air (model EP-15V) uses eight Type C cells, like those you used for your flash lights. according to Bird Electron, the 8-cells charger will provide your MBA at least two hours of extra juice. doesn’t sounds like much but that is exactly what you need when there’s not a single wall outlet in sight. Continue reading Bird Electron’s MacBook Air portable charger uses 8 x C cells

vintage-look BookBook now available for MacBook Air

BookBook for Air 544x368px
(credit: Twelve South) Twelve South BookBook for Air | US$79.99 | www.twelvesouth.com

remember the stylish vintage-style book-like case for MacBook Pro? well, Twelve South has recently introduced BookBook designed specifically for MacBook Air (late 2010), aptly called BookBook for Air. handmade from genuine leather, this slim case features two hardback covers, reinforce corners and a tough spine that offers your MBA protection from the daily knocks and bumps with the added protection from a cushioned interior. a dual zippers ensure that your MBA are safely kept within the BookBook when in transit and at the same time, it allows for charging of your Air when required. the case do all these dutifully, while looking like a vintage book that keeps potential laptop thieves away from your precious shiny gadget. Continue reading vintage-look BookBook now available for MacBook Air

is MacBook Air getting a dose of the Thunderbolt?

MacBook Air with Thunderbolt 544x288px
(credit: graphic by mike chua)

some Mac fans, MacBook Air in particular, might lament that the Air is lacking of the Intel’s Thunderbolt technology but according to CNET, it looks like the Air might be getting a dose of Apple’s fastest I/O together with “a notable processing boost.” Apple is reportedly increasing the manufacturing of both the 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch MacBook Airs that features Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and of course, the much lauded Thunderbolt technology. Continue reading is MacBook Air getting a dose of the Thunderbolt?

Hardcandy’s CANDY convertible case for MacBook Air

HardCandy CANDY Convertible main 544x544px
(image credit: HardCandy) HardCandy CANDY Convertible MacBook Air Case | from US$45.95 | www.hardcandycases.com

the late 2010 MacBook Air is still new in the market and if you are still hunting around for a case for this piece of technological marvel, HardCandy has a new case made just for it. dubbed the CANDY Convertible, the case is made of animal-friendly Faux Nubuck Microfiber materials and promised to protect your MacBook Air with style without the bulk. then again, the MBA slender figure leaves us plenty room for casing without much bulk anyway. Continue reading Hardcandy’s CANDY convertible case for MacBook Air