Bird Electron’s MacBook Air portable charger uses 8 x C cells

Bird Electron EP-15V Airline Adapter 544x272px
(image credit: Bird Electron) Bird Electron EP-15V Airline Adapter for MacBook Air | ¥24,000.00 |

if you find that MacBook Air’s 5-7 hours battery isn’t good enough for you, perhaps you might want to grab a portable charger for it. you heard it right, such portable charger do exist. recently announced by Japanese firm Bird Electron, this portable charger for MacBook Air (model EP-15V) uses eight Type C cells, like those you used for your flash lights. according to Bird Electron, the 8-cells charger will provide your MBA at least two hours of extra juice. doesn’t sounds like much but that is exactly what you need when there’s not a single wall outlet in sight.
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however, the trade off is that you will have to lug 1.05 kilograms (2.3 pounds) of bulk around for those just in case situation and it is not small either. the EP-15V measures 40mm x 222mm x 156mm (1.58″ x 8.74″ x 6.14″). it should be an exciting news for on-the-go MBA users – that is if you are residing in Japan. yup, that’s right, this is yet another Japan-only product. what a bummer, isn’t it? the Bird Electron EP-15V Airline Adapter for MacBook Air is available from today at a retail price of around ¥24,000 (about US$299).

Bird Electron [JP] via Akihabara News

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