is Shadow Hawk STV the future incarnation of SUV?

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the automobile world is full of fancy acronyms, we have the MPV, the SUV and now STV is set to join the list. so what’s exactly is a STV? it simply means Super Terrain Vehicle but beyond its fancy namesake, is a vehicle that look more than like a pumped up Hummer complete with a full complement of armor plating and it is ready to tear up both on and off-road terrains at a moment notice. the folks behind this gorgeously menacing vehicle is Colorado-based Shadow Hawk, who promised to fill in the gap that the world been missing with its STV line of vehicles.
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only 12 of such fine examples will be made available each year on a built-to-order basis. the STV comes in a variety of configurations such as the Steel Hawk, Street Hawk, Terra Hawk, Desert Hawk, Armor Hawk and the Battle Hawk. however, if those are not your cup of English Breakfast, you can always go the customization path. whichever way you choose, equipment and features like the daylight cameras, active suspension, camber and caster control systems, driver activated ride height control, massive 46-inch wheel travel and 3/16-inch monocoque construction comes standard. under the hood of this monstrous vehicle lies an equally matching diesel power plant that develops an incredible 1,100 horses.

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want one? then be ready to pull out your checkbook and put down a cool €1 million (about US$1.5 million) for it. weapons are entirely optional.

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