when it comes to flushing toilet, we usually do it with the hand that’s just done with the ‘business’ (not trying to be gross with the details here…), which is no biggie to us, especially it is our own homes we are talking about and besides, we are going to wash our hands after anyway, isn’t so? however, for those who are totally obsessed over the possibility of bacteria chilling out on the flushing handle, the Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit is designed with you in mind. Kohler already has touchless toilets for your taking which are not cheap and that’s not to mention the massive undertaking of switching out the whole toilet. but with the Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, it allows you to retrofit your existing toilet into a no-touch flush toilet without the need for any plumbing works. powered by four AA batteries, the module mounts inside the tank, at the top and hooks up to the chain of the existing flushing system. the module emits an electromagnetic field through the tank lid and thereafter, the act of flushing only requires you to hold out your hand over the tank where the sensor is located.

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Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

the $99.97 package comes with everything you need to implement a no-touch flush system, including batteries, mounting hardware and even a trip level hole cover to seal up the opening where the trip lever use to be. a decal (depicting a hand) is also included, letting you stick on the spot where the sensor is located so that unfamiliar users will know exactly where over the lid they should hover to flush. sounds pretty high-tech, isn’t it? as a matter fact, it is. even we weren’t that obsessed over the possible bacteria, we find the Touchless Toilet Flush kit is fitting for anyone who are into all things high-tech. alas, the Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit isn’t for every type of toilet. it only works with most canister and flapper toilets, which means it is a no-go for toilets fitted with dual-flush, top-mount flush, pressure-assist, or ballcock valve flushing system. what a bummer. man, is it a crime to be using the water-saving dual-flush system, Kohler? hopefully future models will be compatible with other type of flushing system so we too, can enjoy gesture flushing.

Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

Kohler via Oh Gizmo!

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