Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Snowboarding Boot

Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Snowboarding Boot
Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue Boot | US$350.00 |

what does classic American aviation has to do with snowboarding? our guess is, nothing at all (not even remotely) but that doesn’t stop Nike from taking design cues from American military aviation (more like WWII aviation-inspired) and put them into this pair of snowboarding boots developed in “close connection” with famed snowboarder Danny Kass. differentiating itself from the original Nike Zoom Force 1 Boot is the unique double tongue system that guarantees to turn heads and if that fails, we are pretty sure the artwork of the menacing shark with razor sharp teeth that reminiscences of those once painted on WWII era’s bombers and fighter planes, adorning the front of the boots will not go unnoticed. nice touch with the classic U.S. Air Force insignia there too. we can’t really say it is a must-have for all snowboarders but as far as going down the alps in absolute style is concerned, this pair of $350 is the pair to go with. click through for a few more larger views and a product clip with Kass in action (which mainly consist of a series of glorious falls).

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