Nike Method Core Weighted Putter

Nike Method Core Weighted Putter MC11W
Nike Method Core Weighted Putter | US$169.00 |

putting is perhaps the most delicate part of a game of golf and it’s obvious, your basics and judgment have a lot to do in determining the result of your shot which is a department where we can’t help but what we can do is to recommend a good measured putter such the Nike Method Core Weighted Putter to help things a little. do not belittle this seemingly regular looking putter cos’ there are a lot of putting science that goes into it to help deliver stable and confidence putts. some of the features include fixed weights on the heel and sole that offers proper weighting by putter length, a center of gravity that’s lower than that of the golf ball, preventing backspin on the ball, a milled aluminum face and Polymetal Grooves for reducing impact and vibrations, and finally a lustrous tour satin chrome finish wraps up the package. available in four blade models, as well as one mallet variant, the Nike Method Core Weighted Putter is slated to hit the stores from November 1, 2012 with a MSRP of $169 a pop. also available for lefties too. hit the jump for a small image gallery.

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