golf bag is among of one the many things that remain largely unchanged for ages. in fact, the thought of a radical change probably didn’t strike the current horde of makers, but not for golf equipment maker Bagolf because they just did with the Gbag. the Gbag features a streamlined, patented design constructed from undisclosed lightweight materials and is totally compatible with Bagolf products such as the Gcart push cart and Gpockets. though we are drawn to the sleek, futuristic design, it is the unique magnetized-plate club divider system, known as the Mygnet, that had our complete attention.

every golfer will acknowledge the fact that, regardless how expensive and good a golf bag touted to be, it can never get away from the frustration of organizing the clubs which often leads to difficulty in retrieval of the clubs. some golfers seek to resolve this issue by going for bigger bags, but the Gbag does so, neatly without bulking the bag size and in fact, it turns out to be more compact. the Mygnet club organizer comes complete with separators for woods, putter and individual irons, and the magnetized feature ensures that the clubs won’t fall out or get into a mess in the event of the bag toppling. though, that feature, presumably only works for clubs with steel shaft.

the bag also features an integrated tripod system, activated by a trigger on the handle instead of the traditional lean-to-activate mechanism. other details include beverage keep, user-facing pockets, 360-carry system, an integrated carrying handle, a total of 14 club dividers plus an umbrella (or a ball tube or ball picker) holder, patented anti-jamming system, woods blocking system, interchangeable left and right containers, waterproof and ventilated pockets, removable pouch, magnetized velvet-covered valuables pouch, magnetized tee and ball pouch, backpack-style carry strap and more. each bag comes standard with the said straps, plus a rain cover.

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the Gbag Golf Bag by Bagolf can be acquired through Indiegogo with prices starting at $350. add another 190 bucks if you want it to be shipped with the Gcart.

Gbag Golf Bag by Bagolf

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