between walking and zipping around the golf course on a golf cart, there is actually a ‘middle path’ which will do your back or shoulders a favor, while not sacrificing some real exercise while relaxing to a game of golf and that folks, is none other than The Golf Bike. yup. it is what it says it is, a pedal-powered bicycle designed specifically for the fairway. golf-centric features include a robust rack and bags for holding complete set of clubs, a low-entry frame to facilitate easy mounting and dismounting, and small diameter wheels paired to wide rubber tires for easy acceleration with little or no impact to the fairway turf. however, like a golf cart or even a golf push cart, the green is still off-limit for this vehicle.

the bike will be offered with an assortment of accessories such as cooler bags, GPS/handset mount, performance parts et cetera, aim to “enhanced your golfing experience.” most importantly, this bike is here to help relieve your back and/or shoulders the sore, ferrying you from point A-to-B, while offering you some awesome cardio within your game of golf. so for those who don’t fancy golf carting, The Golf Bike could be the ideal answer. of course, you can always choose to jog with your golf bag, but we’d advise against it. see The Golf Bike in action in the embedded video below.

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The Golf Bike via Man of Many

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