Fans of Overwatch may want to know that Hasbro has released a convention exclusive Overwatch Reinhardt Bundeswehr Skin Action Figure. The figure was made available on August 21 and unlike the Power Rangers Lighting Collection Mighty Morphin Red and Zeo Gold Ranger, it is still available.

The Overwatch Reinhardt Bundeswehr Skin Action Figure is a premium 6-inch-scale figure features premium detailing and design with multiple points of articulation for high poseability.

Hasbro Overwatch Reinhardt Bundeswehr Skin Figure

It is presented in Reinhardt’s epic Bundeswehr skin and comes with six accessories, including 3 game-inspired items, namely, Rocket Hammer, Barrier Field and Earth Shatter blast effect. Each figure is packaged in an exclusive, story-inspired packaging that is minimalist and yet tells the story (maybe?).

You can pick up the Hasbro Overwatch Reinhardt Bundeswehr Skin Action Figure from Hasbro Pulse for $59.99 a pop. Reinhardt and Overwatch as a whole may not be as hot as pop culture icons of the past, but I am sure this little big guy, along with the rest of the troop, will become the pop culture in its on right some years down the road. If you ask me, it will be a mark of your era, just like Mario did for Baby Boomers.

Images: Hasbro.

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